5 reasons why weight training is important for your life

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Reasons why weight training is important

5 reasons why weight training is important for your life:

Weight training is also called resistance training or strength training for developing the size, strength, power, and endurance of skeletal muscles. It is an organized exercise performed by using weighted dumbbells, barbells, machines, and body weight. Each exercise targets a specific muscle group or movement type of the body.

During weight training, tiny tears cause in your muscle fibers due to the amount of stress place on the muscles of the body is gradually increased. This stimulates the development of muscle size, strength, power, and endurance. A process called muscle-protein synthesis repair and reinforce tiny tears cause in muscle fibers by amino acids.


Weight training is popular among both men and women. Most of the women do weight training to develop shape and tone. Weight training can perform at in a gym or home. Every weight practicing workout should start with a 5-10 minute warm-up and end with a 5-10 minute cool-down. So both warm-up and cool-down are important parts of a weight training workout.

Importance of warm-up

  1. Increases body temperature
  2. Increases heart rate and blood pressure
  3. Increases blood circulation to the working muscles
  4. Increases muscle strength, elasticity and flexibility
  5. Reduces the risk of muscle and tendon injuries

Importance of warm-up

Importance of cool-down

  1. Reduces heart rate and blood pressure to the normal level
  2. Increases muscle flexibility and elasticity
  3. Increases muscle recovery
  4. Supports to remove lactic acid in the muscles
  5. Avoid blood pooling in the veins

Experienced lifters undergo strength training about 5 or 6 days a week. But 4 days of 1 hour weight training is sufficient to get a good improvement. In a weight training workout, there is a list of exercises that target a specific muscle group. Each day you should target two different muscle groups. You have to focus on repetitions and sets while performing a weight training exercise.

Weight training is not just only building big and strong muscles. Besides muscle building, it provides you a lot of benefits. We introduce 5 reasons why weight training is important for your life.

1. Boosts metabolism to lose weight

Boosts metabolism to lose weight

Weight training is important in your weight lose process. Cardio training and diet help to create a calorie deficit while lifting weights increases lean muscle mass. Muscle tissue is more metabolically active than fat tissue. During weight lifting, you build muscle and also increase metabolism. This helps you to burn more calories.

After a weight training workout, the body starts to burn more calories than a cardio workout. This calorie-burning process will exist for about 24 hours. Muscle tissue burns calories at rest while fat tissue does not. One pound of muscle helps you to burn about 30-40 calories a day. So strength training helps you to develop more muscle mass and increase metabolism.

As you get older body testosterone and growth hormone levels start to decrease after age 30. Because of this, you lost about 8-10% of muscle mass. So when, your muscle mass decreases your metabolism will also decrease. Weight training can avoid muscle lose and increase the metabolic rate of your body.

When you lift weights your muscle gets stronger and it helps to do cardio workout more efficiently. A successful weight loss program will include weight training as well as cardio training. Because both of these training methods help you to lose more weight.

2. Improves bone strength – Importance of weight training

Weight training plays an important role in developing bone strength and density as well as strengthening tendons and ligaments. Developing strong bones can avoid the risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis.

Bone density starts to decrease at a small percentage each year after age 30. Low bone density does not always lead to osteoporosis. You can avoid the risk of developing low bone density by proper medications including weight training.

But some people lose bone faster than normal. This can lead to a risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis. Women are more in danger of osteoporosis than men. 80% of osteoporotic people are women. Postmenopausal thin women have a high risk of osteoporosis. Broken hip, broken wrists and broken spinal bones are the most common injuries common in osteoporosis.

Lifting weights is beneficial to increase the strength of the hip, wrists, and spine to avoid the risk of injuries. Full-body exercises like the dead-lift and squat help you to develop the strength and stability of these bones. Besides weight training eating a healthy diet rich in calcium and vitamin D is helps you to improve bone health and avoid the risk of osteoporosis.


3. Improves flexibility

Improves flexibility

Weight training helps you to improve flexibility while getting stronger. But some people believe that flexibility is reduced by lifting weight. This is a myth. Weight training will make you develop your flexibility and maintain it. Developing muscle mass and strength will not reduce your flexibility.

Weight training should perform through a full range of motion to improve your flexibility. If you lift weights without reaching full extension and just perform only half reps your flexibility will lower. Especially deep squat and dead-lift will improve the strength and flexibility of hip muscles as well as give a full stretch for your hip muscles.

Your flexibility can decrease by up to 50% with you are getting older. This makes it hard for you to do day to day life activities and exercises. Researches show that three days of full-body weight practicing workouts a week enough to improve the flexibility of the body. A well-designed weight training program will support you to improve and maintain flexibility. 

4. Improves mental health

Improves mental health

Weight training helps you to improve mental health and prevents depression. Depression is a common illness among people. According to the World Health Organization, more than 300 million people affected depression. Depression lowers your mood, appetite, energy, and disturbs sleep. Strength training can help you if you are suffering from depression.

Many people experience stress and anxiety from time to time. This happens because of mismatching between our lifestyle and the outside world. Muscle tension, headache, rapid breathing, shaking, fatigue, sleeplessness and feeling of restlessness are common symptoms of stress and anxiety. Weight training is a good medication to reduce stress and anxiety.

Weight training helps to develop cognitive abilities like memory, attention, processing, and reasoning, especially in seniors. Belly fat can affect cognitive abilities negatively. When your belly fat increases hippocampus becomes smaller. Because of this cognitive abilities will reduce.  So strength training can reduce belly fat and helps you to raise blood flow to the brain. This will improve overall cognitive function.

Strength training helps the formation of new brain cells, new blood capillaries, and to make a stronger connection between these cells. This increases the amount of nutrition and oxygen that flows to the brain.

Weight training is very important to improve mental health but if you are suffering from any mental disorder the best way is to consult your doctor.

5. Reduces cancer risk – Importance of weight training

Weight training is important to reduce the risk of certain cancers such as colon, breast, and kidney cancers.

Visceral fat, also called abdominal fat or belly fat, is stored inside the abdominal cavity and wraps around the internal organs. Visceral fat can increase the risk of health problems such as heart disease, type 2-diabetes, and certain types of cancers. So it is also called active fat. Visceral fat cells produce a cancer-stimulating protein called fibroblast growth factor 2. Weight training is a great way to develop muscle mass and reduce visceral fat. Combine it with cardio training and a healthy diet to shed more visceral fat.

Scientists found that weight training lowers the risk of colon cancer by 25% of people who lift weights every week compared with people who don’t lift weights. The high sugar level in the blood is directly affected by colon cancer. Lifting weights  help to balance the secretion of insulin and glucagon hormones and maintaining the blood sugar level. Strength training about 2-3 days a week will reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Also, weight lifting helps to lower the risk of kidney cancers.

Strength training is not just building big muscles. Beside above benefits there are lots of benefits that weight lifting provides you to improve physical and mental health. Do weight training at least 3 days a week. It makes your lives healthy and smart.


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