Morning vs Evening Workout: Which will burn body fat faster and works better ?

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Morning vs evening workout

Morning vs Evening Workout: Which will burn body fat faster and works better ?

Is it necessary for you to workout in the morning or you can stay fit even if you plan to exercise or go to the gym in the evening? If you have ever wondered what is the best time to exercise we hope you’ve had a good night’s sleep.

Here we have gathered a list of some important factors that you need to keep in mind before opting for a timely workout routine.


A morning workout is proven good for early risers

A morning workout

People who naturally are early risers often prove to be the best candidate for a morning workout routine rather than people who are late sleepers. When you wake up early in the morning normally your energy level is the highest at that time and you are super energized to kick some ass! At that specific time, your bodily functions are at its lowest when you have just woken up, as sleep puts your body in a rested state. However, working out in the mornings not only helps to kick start your body for the day, but it also helps you to end the day better as well, by providing a better quality of sleep.

Pros of a Morning workout routine:

Study shows that people who have a morning workout routine are more consistent in their exercise rather than people who have a late-night exercise routine.

The early routine of the workout makes your energy level much higher during the whole day.

Working out on an empty stomach rapidly burns body fat more than an evening workout as your metabolism is much lower at that time. This means that you will be able to lose weight fastly during morning exercises.

Major studies have shown that working out at 7 a.m compared to later in the afternoon or evening, may help individuals get more quality sleep at night.

Morning vs evening

Difficulties of a Morning workout routine:

To maintain an early workout routine it is tough to be motivated, especially if you’re not a morning person. Our lungs also function at a lower rate in the mornings, as our airways are constricted after sleeping at night – which makes getting out of the sleepy state harder.


Your joints and muscles are stiffer when you’ve just woken up, which makes them particularly prone to injuries if you exercise in the morning. Before you jump on the treadmill, make sure to do some warm-up like stretches and deep breathing exercises to let the blood flow.

Exercising before having breakfast could put you at risk of fatigue or laziness. At the time of waking, your body is technically running on an empty tank after hours of sleep with no food or water intake so that makes it difficult to work out in the morning.

Evening workout helps in boosting energy

Evening workout

A recent study found out that your body’s ability to perform heighten in the afternoon. Your body temperature increases throughout the day, developing your muscle function and strength, enzyme activity, and endurance for performance. So working out in the evening isn’t a bad choice either.

Pros of working out in the evening:

Your body temperature is highest in the evening. it is concluded from research that muscles and joints are up to 20% more flexible in the evening as compared to in the morning, which makes it easier to exercise. The chances of injuries during exercise is also lower than morning workouts.

You are likely to have more energy to exercise in the second half of the day, compared to the first thing in the morning. Not only that, your metabolism and lung functions are also working best in the late afternoon or evening, so your body has more strength and endurance to last through a cardio workout session.

Exercising in the evening also releases the stress that you carried throughout the day. You’ll also have a fresh mind to work out as it would be your final task for the day before going to bed for a nice sleep.

Morning vs evening

Difficulties faced during Evening workouts:

It is easier to call off an evening exercise session by using work or tiredness as an excuse. However, there can be unexpected work in the office maybe you have to stay late there or you have to take your family out to dinner. All these sudden plans make an evening workout routine more difficult to schedule than morning workouts.

Working out too close to your bedtime could make it harder to fall asleep. After a workout, your body temperature, metabolism, and heart rate increase, which may interrupt your body’s ability to go into a rested state which will surely ruin your sleep routine. If you suffer from this then try to do some light stretches or yoga before going to bed.

Options of workouts at night may be limited. For example, it may be difficult for you to go to the park and jog at night. Likewise, gyms are also generally more crowded after office hours.

Experts have recommended that you should not exercise at night as part of good sleep hygiene.

Which one is more likely to win?

Morning vs evening

In the final analysis, we have concluded that there are compelling advantages for working out in the morning or evening. Although morning workouts have an edge on evening workout routine there isn’t any bad time choice for doing an exercise. You must have heard that “health is wealth” so whatever time you choose, try to put your best out there. Manage your work plans according to your priorities although it is not necessary to stick to only a one-time frame for your workout, it does help in building a habit of regular exercise. Don’t stress too much, make sure to stay flexible with your workout routine, and always remember that every effort counts!


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