What is the KAATSU training ? Does it prove to be effective in building muscles or not ?

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Kaatsu training building muscle

What is the KAATSU training ? Does it prove to be effective in building muscles or not ?

KAATSU is a word derived from the Japanese language where KA (加) means “additional” and ATSU (圧) means “pressure”. Dr. Yoshiaki Sato developed this technique in the early 1970s. The main principle of this exercise is controlled blood flow moderation.

In simpler words, the blood flow reaching the muscles is often controlled by maintaining pressure on a particular muscle which then leads to many physiological effects on the body.


How does it work?

Normally, for KAATSU training specific gears or bands are often used. A cuff or band is used to wrap around the muscle and then is tightened to a certain extent. Due to the pressure, the flow of blood is cut off from the veins. It shouldn’t be so tight that it may completely restrict the blood flow. More importantly, the pressure should be very accurate and not too tight so you can avoid any kind of damage.

What is the science behind it?

Well, according to the theory, when you perform resistance training with heavy weights, lactic acid is produced as a by-product of your muscles. Lactic acid is quite beneficial when it comes to building muscle as it stimulates growth hormones. However, if you can’t lift heavy weights, then you may feel your muscle-building efforts are just not paying off although that’s not the case with KAATSU training. You will be shocked to hear however, the Kaatsu training is getting popular day by day and is also believed to have more scope in the upcoming future as it allows massive results even with lifting lighter weights.

Science behind it: kaatsu

Top 6 benefits of KAATSU Training

This training has proved to be quite beneficial and effective for people. It is also supported by an ample amount of studies and extensive research. It has nearly a million users throughout the whole world.

1. Quick Recovery:

It is a non-impact exercise meaning your feet will always make contact with the ground. KAATSU enables the body to be more efficient and strong also eliminating the chances of muscle atrophy.  When gears are removed, blood rushes to that particular muscle whose blood flow was cut off previously. That blood and oxygen rush helps the muscle to recover. It even helps those patients who suffer from muscle pain etc.

2. Human Growth Hormone is secreted that provides lean muscle:

KAATSU leads to the release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) secretion which then helps in creating lean muscle mass and stronger bones. These hormones stimulate protein synthesis and help in faster growth of muscles. This type of training makes your body more toned, stronger, and flexible.

3. Cardiovascular Health:

KAATSU has various health benefits as well as you would be surprised that many doctors recommend it to the patients who have suffered from stroke too! It can even help one to maintain a healthy heart and normal blood pressure. Patients suffering from obesity or high blood pressure should do KAATSU workouts and then see the positive impact it creates on their bodies. 

What happens during the training is that nitric oxide (NO2) is produced in the body which then helps in maintaining and improving vascular elasticity.

Cardiovascular Health: kaatsu

4. Anti-Aging:

It helps in improving the metabolism and also delays the aging process for individuals of all ages. Many studies are now being conducted which suggests that if this training is practiced regularly it may help in slowing down the process of aging (without making you a vampire Lol).


5. Increases Endurance:

It benefits the body by increasing energy levels and exercises performance. Hence your body becomes strong and healthy!

Increases Endurance: kaatsu

6. Gentle on the body:

It doesn’t put pressure on the body in a disastrous way and due to light weight lifting, it is undoubtedly gentle. Despite such light weight lifting, many individuals experience the same or maybe better results in muscle growth. It may mean safer, easier, and more reliable workouts for people with injuries, recovering from surgery, those with any kind of joint issues, or people suffering from heart diseases like coronary artery disease, blood vessel diseases, etc.

How does it help in building muscles?

It is a kind of high-intensity training that leads to the activation of Type-II muscles normally called fast-twitch muscles. These muscle fibers themselves have the greatest potential for fast growth so through KAATSU these sorts of muscles are targeted that then promotes greater growth.

Is it actually safe?

A common question that arises when someone mentions KAATSU, is that if this type of workout is safe and authentic or not? To ensure this, any individual who is buying the gears from the company needs a proper legal certificate. This certificate is not cheap rather very expensive as it ranges from $1,000 – $2000 for an online certification course. The company makes sure to only give the gadgets to individuals who have an authentic certificate. Hence Kaatsu is safe and effective but only when it is used properly or performed under a trainer.

Future of KAATSU

A recent study was published on NCBI, in which the researcher concluded KAATSU to be effective for the training of astronauts who tend to go to space flights. KAATSU proved to make their muscles stronger without the worry of suffering from muscle atrophy. Also, it can decrease the chances of heart failure that are quite common among space flights.

The rate at which KAATSU training is used for various applications (even space!) it can be the trend in the upcoming future.


Summary: kaatsu

The majority of researchers believe that KAATSU has tremendous positive effects on the body. It further proves to be undeniably fruitful for building muscle mass and a lean body. So if you’re thinking of less-extreme and more-impactful workouts to make your body stronger than ever then KAATSU is the right choice for you. 

Get proper training, apply for the certificate then after all this hectic work, buy the gears, and enjoy the perks of a lean body and a healthier lifestyle!


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