Fast weight loss tips: 9 scientifically proven methods

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Fast weight loss tips

Fast weight loss tips: 9 scientifically proven methods:

Weight loss is the target everyone wants to achieve. But no one can get it until he  changes his intake habits and follows a healthy lifestyle in the proper way. It means that you have to need a commitment to yourself to prevent obesity, high blood pressure, chronic diseases etc. Decrease of processed food, saturated sugar and salt help in losing weight. Total elimination of these things is difficult, though it is not impossible, but one should decrease them from their  dieting plans by using mindful eating.


Sometimes, only changing diet does not give the expected results, then one has to take counseling and exercise in this regard. Combination of healthy eating, proper exercise and healthy lifestyle move one towards their goal of weight loss gradually.

Methods of Weight Loss

1. Mindful eating

Mindful eating

Fully aware of intake and good observation helps in achieving mindful eating and weight loss. There are many exercises related to it that help in adopting this method.

2. Physical activity

It works if one properly remains active, and does exercises constantly and steadily. Motivation and inspiration are the tools that help to follow physical activity.

3. Increase in fiber intake

25 to 30 grams fiber intake is recommended by The American Heart Association Eating Plan. It regulates bowel movement and gives many benefits.

4. Adjustments in eating patterns

Healthy eating and adjustment of proper carbs, protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc help in controlling weight and one moves towards weight loss in a healthy way.

5. Be consistent and motivated

Be consistent and motivated

Be consistent and motivated to achieve your goal of weight loss. Each morning, read or listen or watch something motivational.

6. Increase in water intake

Water helps in boosting up your metabolism that helps in digesting your food properly and on time.


7. Portion size

You should have an eye on your portion size. It badly disrupts your eating plan if you constantly ignore this factor. Protein should be of one-palm size, healthy fats of one-thumb, vegetables of two-handful, and carbs (whole-grains) should be of one-handful size.

8. Enjoy making your own meals and cooking time

If you get accustomed to this habit, it works like magic. You will be automatically cautious about your meals, your attention towards healthy eating will get power and you will easily stop hasty eating as well as processed meals.

9. Start a journal

Journal helps you to know what you are eating and how far your target is. It makes you conscious about your eating habits, workouts, and physical activity etc. 

Ideal body weight

Ideal body weight

Body Mass Index, Waist-to-Hip Ratio, and Body Fat Percentage are some ways or methods through which one can determine his ideal body weight. After determining, one should go towards weight loss.These methods evaluate your weight with your height, muscle-fat ratio,  gender, and other physiological conditions etc. It helps you know how much you should lose or gain and what is the problem that you can solve with the help of changing your intake habits as well as healthy eating.

Moreover, it is essential in understanding your health issues. Sometimes it is recommended from your doctor and after diagnosing he suggests you some supplements to get rid of extra and unhealthy weight.

Weight Loss in modest way

Gradual and constant weight loss is beneficial for you as it does not harm health. As 1 to 2 pound weight loss per week is enough for you if you want to stay healthy.  There is a myth that one has to leave the food that he is passionate about if he wants to eat healthy and achieve ideal weight. This is totally false information. You can eat what you love but you should take it in portions and do mindful eating.

What to avoid in Weight Loss

Malnutrition leads towards many kinds of diseases. If you want to lose weight, it does not mean you have to starve yourself or you have to cut down proper nutrition intake from your diet. Malnutritions decrease,

  • The quality of life
  • Disturb your immune system
  • Create menstruation problems in females
  • Disturb thermoregulation system
  • Weaken muscles
  • You have to face late wound healing as well

Unintentional Weight Loss

There are many people who can not afford proper nutritions in their diet because of poverty. So they have to face unintentional weight loss that causes and leads towards  many diseases. Inadequate nutritious diets lose healthy weight. World organisations should take steps to get rid of this issue that is swallowing many lives.

Benefits of Weight Loss in a healthy way

Without a healthy life, you can not achieve a quality life.  It is super crucial and necessary to be serious about your weight as it is the biggest reason for diseases, inactivity, mood swings, and depression etc.


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